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How is ammonium chloride formed?
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Ammonium chloride refers to the ammonium salt of hydrochloric acid, which is the by-product of alkali industry. The granular ammonium chloride is not easy to absorb moisture and store, and the powder ammonium chloride is mostly used as basic fertilizer for compound fertilizer production.

The hydrogen chloride gas is introduced from the bottom of the turbulent absorption tower and contacted with the circulating mother liquor sprayed on the top of the tower. The mother liquor of ammonium chloride with saturated hydrogen chloride is produced and flowed into the reactor. The mother liquor of ammonia chloride is neutralized with the entering ammonia gas to form the saturated solution of ammonium chloride. The supersaturated ammonium chloride crystals were precipitated after cooling to 30-45 C. The solution of ammonium chloride in the upper part of the mould is sent to the air cooler for cooling and circulating to the mould. The lower part of the crystalline slurry is thickened by the thickener and then centrifugally separated to produce the finished product of ammonium chloride. The HCl+NH3_NH4Cl mother liquor is centrifugally separated and sent to the turbulent absorption tower for recycling.

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