About Maiqing

     Marching(Lianyungang) technology Co., Ltd,the company is located in Lianyungang, China, a beautiful seaport city, the intersection of One Belt And One Road . The company specializes in chemicals international trade,and we mostly focus on fertilizers bsuiness. Our main products are Ammonium chloride Agri-grade and tech-grade,Ammonium sulphate,Soda Ash,sodium sulphate anhydrous,sodium bicarbonate,Etc.The cargoes are mainly sold to Vietnam,Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, India, Pakistan and some other countries.......More

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E-mail: info@marchingtech.com
Address:Room 2102, Runchao International Building,No.26 Hailian Road,Lianyungang City,Jiangsu Province ,China
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