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What are the uses of ammonium chloride?
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Ammonium chloride is mainly used for dry batteries, storage batteries, ammonium salts, tanning, electroplating, precision casting, medicine, photography, electrodes, adhesives, yeast nutrients and dough improvers. Ammonium chloride is abbreviated as "ammonium chloride", also known as halogen sand. It is a kind of quick-acting nitrogen chemical fertilizer. Its nitrogen content is 24%-25%, which belongs to physiological acid fertilizer. It is suitable for wheat, rice, maize, rape and other crops, especially for cotton and hemp crops to enhance fiber toughness and tension and improve quality. However, due to the nature of ammonium chloride and if applied in the wrong way, it will often bring some adverse effects on Soil and crops. Ammonium nitrate is commonly used.

In addition, ammonium chloride is added to animal feed as ammonium salt in many foreign farms, but the amount of ammonium chloride is strictly limited.

It can be used as chemical fertilizer and belongs to nitrogen fertilizer, but ammonia chemical fertilizer can not be applied together with alkaline chemical fertilizer, and it is better not to be applied in saline-alkali soil in order to avoid reducing fertilizer efficiency. Ammonium chloride is a strong acid and weak alkali salt, which releases acidity at high temperature. Ammonium chloride is often used as curing agent in casting hot box coremaking. Its ratio is ammonium chloride: urea: water = 1:3:3.

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